Price format and description overflow

1- In my ad list, I have some ads that have a frame (golden here) and others that do not have a frame outline, how to have the same aesthetic in all ads please (screenshot attached)
2-When selecting several days for a reservation, the reservation block calculates the total but it always leaves to “the night” or the “day”, how to put “total reservation” in total
3-and finally I have a problem when adding an ad it knows no limit in the description and exceeds to the end of the screen (screenshot below)

The Gold outline is because the listing is featured.

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  1. The featured listings have the gold outline to differ from regular listings, so consider leaving it as it is, or you can simply disable the “featured” status for these listings.
  2. Please let me know whether you used some code snippets or a Loco Translate to change the default format.
  3. It happens because it’s one “word” without spaces. In real descriptions, “with words” this won’t happen. It’s also possible to limit the description “borders”, but it will require customization.

2-I use Loco Translate, but I encounter this problem of Total which does not turn into /total and
3- also has several problems with the price format: I have an accommodation category based on a nightly rate and a jacuzzi category based on a session rate and I can not put the unit for each category: /night and /session

  1. If you changed the format using Loco, then it should disappear if you change something in the booking form (e.g. select dates). So the “$123 / night” format should just be displayed as “$246” if you select 2 nights.

  2. Yes, if you use time slots for specific categories then it’ll be just displayed as a price, without any specific format, because this depends on the time slot length (e.g. we can’t pre-define the “$123 / hour” format because not everyone set 1 hour as the slot duration).

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