Price sorting seems to be not working

I am using the TaskHive theme and for that, the price sorting feature on the services page seems to be not working as expected.
Whenever I sort the services in descending/ascending order of price, it never sorts correctly rather it gets sorted in a quite haphazard way.

Please look into this and if it is an already known bug then please suggest a remedy/temporary fix.


Maybe these are featured listings (these are displayed in random order)? If this issue persists with regular listings, please send a link to this search results page and we will check it.

Yes, a few of them are featured. But from a functionality standpoint, once a user tries to sort it according to the price, they should get it sorted according to the price right? No matter if it is featured or not.

Is this something that is inherent and cannot be changed? If so, then is there any solution or a way around to avoid this, so that they get the correct price sorted results?
Please help.

Sorry, there is no other way at the moment, if you set some number of featured spots then featured listings that match the search criteria will always appear at the top, regardless of the sorting selected (these are like ads). You can try setting 0 spots for the featured listings, they’d still be highlighted but displayed with regular listings.

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