Pricing Display Inconsistencies

I’ve noticed that the displayed price formula is inconsistent depending on the screen you look at, and without disclaimers, it looks inaccurate to users.

  1. On the listing detail page, the price shown is the daily fee. When a date is selected, it updates to show the cumulative daily fee plus the platform fees, but does not include the security deposit.

  2. On the booking request page, the price continues to show the total price as just the daily fee + platform fees, and doesn’t show or include the security deposit.

  3. Once a booking is confirmed, the booking confirmation page shows the total price again, but this time it does include the security deposit.

I’m sure you can see how confusing this is to front end users, who are watching the price bounce around without explanation as to why, resulting in them assuming it’s inaccurate.

Expected result

Suggested fixes:

OPTION A: On the listing detail page, change the listing block to show “Daily Usage Fee” as a line item, followed by “platform fee” and “security deposit”, and then another line item that shows the sum total based on the dates selected. Keep this same price all the way through.

OPTION B: Add pricing disclaimers to each page that explains what the figure shown actually represents.


Thank you for your feedback; we have added this feature to the roadmap and will try to improve the calculation in the next updates.

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