Pricing tiers for bookings

Hi guys!

We have a schedule for integration of pricing tiers and booking plugin?


There’s no exact timeframe but it has no high priority, please describe the use case for this - if I understand correctly using “per day” pricing extras basically replaces tiers, since it’s possible to set the base per-day price and define tiers via extras this way.

My project offer the possibility of the vendor to put your service for listing. In that case, the user, need to book a date and an hour.

The problem there, is that some services can spend more than the user booked.

Therefore, I’d like a solution that would be possible add a extra price if the job spend more than booked.

Do you know if exist any solution for this case? Do need more explanation?

Do you mean charging extra after the service purchase, if in reality the service took more time than expected? Unfortunately there’s no such option yet, this would require creating a new order to authorize another payment and tiers wouldn’t help in this case, let me know if I’m missing something.

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