Private pictures and files of users in account

Ihor, there is another question. The user in his account will upload passport and diploma data. This photo data goes into the uploads folder, which is indexed by robots. How can I hide the users document from being indexed by robots, but leave the uploads folder open.

I need the seller to upload copies of passport when filling the account, but the photo gets indexed by robots in the folder. How can I keep my data private? I thought the uploaded data in the account is private.

Please check the Protected option for this Attachment attribute, this will add a random string to the file name, which will make guessing the file name nearly impossible. Also, disable indexing the WordPress uploads folder (there are many plugins for this, also most SEO plugins suggest disabling the attachment pages).


Yes, I set the attribute - Protected from direct access. Just thought there might be some additional way that the pictures were indexed all, except for documents that are loaded by the seller. Since everything is stored in one folder.

We’ll try to make these features built-in (in addition to the random file name generation), meanwhile please try using a plugin like this one Prevent Direct Access – Protect WordPress Files – WordPress plugin |

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Thank you Ihor. This is a really important feature, it would be great if you implement it soon.

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