Problem with geolocation extension

Good morning,
I installed the free version of hivepress 1.7.1 with your free theme and installed all free addons with “Geolocation” to test your theme.
I managed to configure everything except the Geolocation which does not work I am still in New York while I am in France in Paris?

  1. I have selected in the Geolocation settings
    Google maps, Pay=FR, check regions > Ok
  2. In integration, I have pasted the Google Maps API key > Ok
  3. When I return to the theme, am I still in New York? While all my addresses in the ads are in Paris.
    I did the same thing with Mapbox with exactly the same settings and I’m still in New York?
    Did I miss a setting?
    However, I followed your documentation to the letter?
    Thanks for your help


Currently, users have to click the Locate Me icon in the Location field and allow sharing their location. Detecting the location automatically based on the IP address may not be reliable.

Hope it helps.

Thanks for your reply Nikita,
Finally I found out why it didn’t work!
You have to remove the old ads or demo ads and replace them with the new ones and now it works!
As this is a test install, I want to make sure that the theme works properly before embarking on the adventure.
Problem solved.
Have a nice day see you soon :sweat_smile: :rofl:

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