Problem with images

Hi there
i have some bugs with the visualization of photos…
here you can see that the dimension of images are different

someone can help me, please?

Please try adjusting the image sizes in Settings/Media (e.g. the Landscape Large one), any new uploads will follow these settings. By default, these images are resized to 800px in width and there’s no height limit, so if there’s a portrait format it’ll not be cropped, but the slider is resized when you switch the images.

i tried but i am not able to resize the slider, i have no idea how can i do…

also here you can see the same problem…

i watched in settings and i have some settings:

Please try it with this Custom CSS, thats how i solved this topic.

.hp-listing__images-slider img {
	margin: auto;
	width: auto;
	height: 400px;

.hp-listing__image img {
	float: middle;
	margin: auto;
	width: auto;
	height: 300px;
	overflow: hidden;

ok it’s working but this resize the images like this:

maybe is better if the square that contains the images is full and the phots fit the contenitor and not that is resize like in the photos; did you have some problems like me using your code?
thanks a lot

Please try to adjust the image settings and then re-upload or re-generate the image thumbnails reGenerate Thumbnails Advanced – WordPress plugin | It seems that the size currently set is too big, so WordPress doesn’t crop any images smaller than this size. I recommend setting the Landscape (Small) size to 400x300, then any images larger than 400x300 (and any photo is larger nowadays) will be cropped to the same size 100%.

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