Problem with login and payment forms

Hello, I have a problem with my Hivepress instalation on wordpress. I cannot login - when I click login button, page is refreshed and went back to login form. Additionally, on admin account I cannot select free package. I have the same problem like with login.

Hi! The page refresh problem is most likely due to a cache issue. Please, try disabling all third-party plugins in WordPress > Plugins and check if the problem persists.

I disabled iThemes Security plugin and it helped. Thank you.

I tested it and login form works, but packages form not working. When I disable package form, I can submit listing.

Please try completing the listing process, the Select Package step appears after the Add Details one. If the listing process doesn’t work at all please try disabling all the third-party plugins for a moment, in 99% of cases it’s a caching issue.

I disabled polylang and everything works fine, but I need that plugin. How can I fix this problem?

Sorry, there’s no 100% integration with Polylang at the moment, but we’ll check if it’s possible to integrate it How to translate attributes and pacts through polylang I don’t recommend it if you allow users to submit listings because you’d have to translate the listing details manually, and Polylang keeps a duplicate of content for each language - this may cause performance issues.

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