Problem with maps and categories

Hi, I want to ask if the “hiding exact position” is fixed with mapbox. Also I have a problem with the categories. If I put the widget on the page and click on my categories it doesn’t show me any product.
Last question, i want that people have to put just some categories when they add some product to book and for each category they have to put the category price. Does it is possible?


  1. Sorry, this option is not supported for Mapbox yet.

  2. If possible send a link to this category page, do you use a custom taxonomy widget? The default widget from WordPress lists the blog categories instead.

  3. If you use Marketplace or the Price is a custom attribute there’s no way to set per-category prices, since listings have a single assigned category. If you mean changing users for adding listings to specific categories, it’s possible if you use Paid Listings extension.