Problem with the date

I just saw that on the hivepress theme, the date did not work, but the location did.


Please provide more details about the date you are referring to. Also, please describe your actions step by step so that we can reproduce the issue on our end.

Andri. I am very interested in using events in Hivepress. The above bug report is very concerning. The client should not have to provide you will all sorts of evidence.
You ought to know by now whether or not if someone creates an even for August 10th and another person creates one for Nov 15th and another person creates one for July 30th in what order they will list.
If they list in the following order
Aug 10th
Nov 15th
July 30th
then that is oviously NOT date order. Is there an option that needs to be selected for events to display in date order by default to the visitors to the site?

If tomorrow’s event is listed as number 35 after events taking place weeks ahead of tomorrow, i dont think anyone would use such a site.

As a programmer i know it is a very simple edit to your SQL statement to correct this issue.

Thank you sir. Im going to install and test out tonight. Im anxious to get my website up and running. I dont mind paying for good plugins and extensions.

Thanks for your feedback. It’s not clear that this bug report is related to sorting by a custom Date attribute, that’s why we asked for clarification. Providing as much detail as possible in a bug report is good practice, usually details like steps to reproduce or screenshots are needed for us to detect the bug and find it’s reason.

If you mean sorting by a custom Date attribute (e.g. if you use listings as events) it’s already possible if you mark this attribute as sortable, it will appear in the sorting drop-down but there’s no option to set it as a default sorting criteria yet, this feature is on the roadmap. If it’s urgent and you’re familiar with coding you can try implementing this by yourself.

Hope this helps.

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