Problems with Breadcrumbs in Theme / plugin

Hello, I’m having trouble with breadcrumbs on google search console. I already checked the yoast seo, but everything is fine.

google search console message:
You must specify “name” or “” at Autentificare |

I found this previous post Problems with Breadcrumbs in Theme / plugin | HivePress Support and would have posted there but the community is closed. I will agree with disableing index for that specific page but I have no idea how to do that since submit-listing isn’t an actual page found in WordPress/Yoast

If you can help me with this please.

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Thanks for the detailed report. This is strange because Yoast shouldn’t add this page to the site map at all, and it’s not publicly accessible nor indexed - if you visit this URL as a new user there’s always a redirect to the login/registration form. Please check if Yoast has any settings for excluding this URL.

Hi Ihor,
Thank you for the prompt response. Unfortunately, excluding this specific URL is not possible from Yoast.
You can exclude from indexing pages that can be edited in wp here is a link for their guide for that, but the submit-listing page cannot be edited that way.

This is strange that they add it to the sitemap at all because it’s not a page but a static URL registered using this function add_rewrite_rule() | Function | WordPress Developer Resources It has no instance in WordPress/Pages unless there’s a page with the same URL. Please try contacting Yoast support, maybe there’s a way to exclude this URL via a filter hook programmatically.

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