Proceed to Payment redirecting to Homepage

Hi, have a issue, WooCommerce and marketplace plugin both active and also WooCommerce pages (checkout, basket, shop & my account) are created. How ever when I click ‘proceed to payment’ after ‘book now’ doesn’t direct me to checkout. directs to homepage of website instead. Please help with this issue. Tried solutions suggested on another post.

Solutions tried:
– WooCommerce pages are not created, if you use WooCommerce please re-create pages in WooCommerce/Status/Tools/Create Pages section.

– Booking price is not set in the listing form.

– Issues with permalinks, please try setting some non-default structure in Settings/Permalinks section (with %postname%).

none of them worked.

Please try to check if WooCommerce product is generated for a listing. To check this, edit any listing and just re-save it (setting the price), then try to book it again.

I am having this problem too. A product is being generated for a listing. How to stop this?

At the moment when I am on a listing and try to book it just sends me to the homepage.

There are can be also these reasons too:

  1. Some booking details are missing (e.g. time slot duration, or other required booking details – you can check this by editing a listing).

  2. Some WooCommerce pages are missing (e.g. Checkout). You can try re-creating pages using a tool in WooCommerce/Status/Tools section.

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