Question about adding FB login option with social login plugin

Hi, the FB login setting requires me to provide a “User data deletion” method for the users, could be either instruction URL or a callback URL, but I’m not sure how to do it, any suggestion on how to solve the problem?

Please add these instructions to your Privacy Policy page or a separate page (then you can set its URL in the Facebook app settings). By default, users can delete their account in the Account/Settings section (there’s a link at the bottom of the form).

Thanks for your reply, I have written down in private policy, tell them to make a FB data deletion request from their FB profile setting or simply just delete the account from the account settings section, hope I do it correctly.

Update: I have changed the public info from standard access to advance access, but still when I use the Facebook login option, the error below occurs, may I know how to solve it?

Yes, you have to submit your app for a review because it accesses user email addresses (required for registration), usually, the review is automatic because this is the most basic permission.

I see, normally how many days should I wait for the review to complete?

Last time I tried to create a Facebook app there was an automatic review if you’re asking for the “email” permission only, so the app is approved immediately Submitting For Review - App Review - Documentation - Facebook for Developers Please make sure to select the email and public_profile permissions only.

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