Question to the USERS of the Hivepress Products in this Community who's websites are active, rather than the Admins

We happened upon the Hivepress product about 6 months ago as we were searching for a canned solution for our our idea. Hivepress was a super-close match… We’d give it a 75-80% match for functionality for what we needed (experthive combined with hivepress bookings).

We are nearing our ‘controlled launch’ where we’re going to onboard some familiar users to help us alpha test to work out any bugs in real-world operation that we didn’t catch in our testing phase.

We’re curious as to the experiences of those of you who:

  • Newly Launched (within the last 6 months)

  • Past Initial Launch (6 months to a year)

  • Feel like your site is stable and requires minimal backend tweaking, other than whatever you require to manage your site day to day, week to week or month to month.

If monetized are you seeing success?

Hoping this not only helps us but also other users at our same stage or at different stages of their journey in getting their ideas off the ground.

And we just want to thank the team at Hive press for creating such a great product at such a value. While it isn’t perfect, it has allowed us to take a quantum leap in the last few months that we couldn’t have imagined in years past.

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Thanks, glad you like it! You can view our clients’ websites at this link and, accordingly, possibly contact them Showcase | HivePress

​I hope this is helpful to you.

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