Questions about the features in HivePress

Hello! I have a few questions regarding the features that come with the HivePress plugin. Could you please clarify if you have the following features?

  1. Guest Submission (are customers able to post a listing without creating an account, as long as they are providing the necessary details and contact information)

  2. Renew Listings (are users able to renew a listing if they were unable to sell their product within a certain time period)

  3. Mobile Friendly (Is the HivePress plugin easy to use on mobile devices)

  4. Image Upload Limit (Does HivePress limit the number of images a seller can upload on their listing details)

  5. Ban Users (Does HivePress allow the option to ban unfriendly users)

  6. Compare Listings (Does HivePress allow users to compare two different listings/products by having the option to view the details of each listing side by side)

  7. Number of Views (Is there an option to be able to see how many views each listing is receiving)

  8. Auctions + Biddings (Is it possible for users to create auctions for their listings and accept bids)

  9. Help Wanted Posts (can users post a simple help wanted post instead of a listing that requests a specific service)

  10. Attachments (can users attach attachments other than images in their listings. For example, resumes or PDF documents)

  11. Map Display of Listings (can users view the collection of listings on a map based on the specific location of each individual listing)

Thank You so much for your help :slight_smile:

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  1. There’s no such option, but the default registration form contains only 2 fields, you can also simplify it to 1 click with Social Login.

  2. Yes.

  3. Yes, please check the theme demo on mobile.

  4. It’s set to 10 images by default, the upload limit per image file depends on the hosting provider settings.

  5. As a site admin you can delete users in WordPress/Users, or use third-party plugins that allow switching users to read-only.

  6. There’s no such feature at the moment.

  7. There’s no public counter for this, but you can use the Statistics extension to show the listing authors a real number of unique visitors fetched from Google Analytics.

  8. There’s no such feature yet.

  9. You can use a separate listing category or the Requests extension for this.

  10. Yes, possible if you add a custom Attachment field.

  11. Yes, please check the theme demo for example (there’s a map showing results from the current search page).

Hope this helps.

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Would you please add missing features on your next update?!

We have a roadmap of improvements and while we can’t add everything at once, we’re working 24/7 to deliver new features for HivePress and its extensions. Please vote for the feature requests here Feature Requests - HivePress Community

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Ok, I will vote for new feature requests and hope most of them added asap because some of them are really important.

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