Ratings covered/hidden by item tags

Not a bug per se, but when an item has more than one tag, it hides the user/item rating. Suggest moving ratings to top right or left corner of image box.

Steps to reproduce

Add 2+ tags to a listing and view on the main page carousel

Actual result

Tags block the rating

Expected result

Tags and ratings are all clearly visible with no overlap

Extra details

Screen Shot 2022-07-26 at 8.30.00 PM

Please send more details that may help to detect or reproduce this issue (e.g. a link to your site, which theme is on your website, is this problem only in the desktop version or in the mobile version also this problem).

Hello! Our site is not yet public unfortunately, but this is a problem in both desktop and mobile versions of RentalHive, using Wordpress version 6.0.1 (see attached examples from both portrait and landscape orientation on iPhone 13 Pro Max

  1. Please try this CSS snippet as a temporary fix but please note that it can require further customization
.hp-listing--view-block .hp-listing__rating{
	top: 0;
	bottom: auto;
  1. Please try refreshing the page. Blocks width is recalculated on load.

Thank you! And yes, it doesn’t show as well since it is not slightly blackened at the bottom of the image.

What about the fact that the mobile version does not view the item carousel well i.e. it is still a horizontal scroll but squished?

  1. Previous CSS snippet was a temporary solution. If further customizations are required for your site, please try customizing it using the collection of code snippets Search · user:hivepress · GitHub and other developer resources, or consider hiring someone for custom work https://fwd.cx/hLhc73mQCD9R

  2. Thanks for reporting this, the bug is confirmed and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. This problem appears only if change device orientation from portrait to landscape or back

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