Recaptcha Loaded Multiple Times

so for some reason, if I serve a page with list of listings, because they all have direct tiny button to contact the owner on them, it seems that recaptcha js is loaded for each of them separately.
I did removed the button, but it still loads the js for each listing displayed on that page.
Does anyone know where eventually some recaptcha code is integrated in hivePress or listingHive, so I can just delete it from the card preview section.
It’s okay to load that js if you click a listing, but it’s bad to load it so many times if you don’t want the micro ‘contact’ owner button displayed on a card.

Please send more details about the issue, do you get multiple “script” tags with reCaptcha in the page HTML source? The script itself is loaded only a single time here in the “head” section, but reCaptcha is initialized for every form that includes it.

So the question is then, how to remove it exactly from that form where it shows up next to the ‘heart’ that makes the listing favorite.
I guess this will solve the multiple initialization.

It’s not possible if you enabled reCaptcha for the message form, since each listing has its own message form (hidden in HTML markup). Please let me know if you have any details regarding the page performance, reCaptcha should be initialized only when it’s visible (so when the message modal of the specific listing is opened), but reCaptcha script is common and loaded once.

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