Receiving details from vendors

Is there a way to receive notes etc? For example if a vendor signs up before being accepted to get his id, and bank account confirmation so i wont deposit cash to a random person and for legal reasons

Yes, if you mean payouts and you enabled Manual payouts then every payout request form has a Details field where vendors can add payment info for receiving payments, depending on their preferred payout method. Another way is adding custom vendor attributes and marking them as Editable, but without assigning them to any display areas, so the entered values will be private to the site admins and this vendor only (this way you can collect details like bank account number, without asking it for every payout request).

Thanks ihor,
can you provide more info about how to do it step by step as im new to all of this?


Regarding Manual payouts, please check this doc How to process payouts manually - HivePress Help Center

If you mean how to add a vendor’s attribute, please navigate to WP Dashboard > Vendors > Attributes > Add New.
When adding attributes, select Egitable and do not specify anything in Display Areas.


so regarding the original question, ive added those attributes as a required field, and such that they need to upload a pdf of XYZ, will i be able to review their upload from the back end via the attributes on the vendors section?


Yes, you can view the attached files in WP Dashboard > Vendors > Edit vendor > and in the attribute section, click on the file name, it should open in a new window for you to view.

great thanks for the info, this means every time someone uploads a listing they have to re-upload it?

also on the topic, ive noticed that a upload bar was added when listing a page " but it is noting the name of the row to be “file” ive searched for an attribute to be noted as file with no luck, how can i find the location of this bar and edit it at the backend etc or remove it.


If this is a listing attribute, you must upload it to each listing. If it’s a vendor attribute, then once and at any time, admins can check this document in the WP Dashboard.

​Please send more details about the second question, and we will do our best to help you.

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