Recieve email when an user request a booking for a listing

Hello! Do you know if it is possible to receive an email every time that somebody wants to book a listing in a website created with the rental hive template? The purpose of receiving this email is to be notified and know that you need to confirm a booking.

Thank you in advance!


It should actually work this way by default, but the email notification may not be delivered if outgoing emails are not set up, please try using a plugin like YaySMTP How to set up emails - HivePress Help Center

If it already works by default, to what email is the booking request notification sent? The one that appears in Settings - General - Administration Email Address?

It’s sent to the listing author (vendor) email address, to the user who added the listing.

Okay, thank you! Apparently the emails arrive to the Spam folder of the email account, how can I solve that?


Setting up SMTP or linking your site with some trusted email provider like Gmail or Sendgrid should resolve this issue. Please, refer to this doc How to set up emails - HivePress Help Center

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