Redirect after checkout

Hi @ihor

I’m doing some testorders with my site and when i run through the checkout i get redirected to the listing. Is there a way to redirect to the default Woocommerce page Else i can’t get to the datalayers of the order to track sales in Google Tag Manager / Analytics.

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Please try this PHP snippet

remove_action( 'template_redirect', [ hivepress()->listing_package, 'redirect_order_page' ] );

@yevhen thank you, but this crashes the site when i put it into functions.php

Please check this tutorial on how to add custom code snippets How to add custom code snippets - HivePress Help Center

I understand where to put the code but it looks like the code contains a bug.

Please provide more details about the bug. This snippet was tested locally and it seems to be ok Screenshot by Lightshot

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