Redirect to the Complete profile page after clicking the Add service button

Everytime I click “List a Service” I was redirected to Complete Profile with submit-listing/profile/ not Add Details with submit-listing/details/ and last button below shows “Proceed to Stripe”. So weird!

I tried to reinstall/uninstall plugins and I don’t know if Woocommerce is the culprit thus everytime I uninstall the plugin the add listing is working properly.

I am hosting my site in my localhost. I hope anyone can help me.


This step only appears if you have at least one blank field in your vendor profile that needs to be filled.

In this case, you have Stripe Connect enabled in HivePress > Settings > Payouts, you can disable this system and allow Manual Payouts if you don’t need Stripe Connect.

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Much appreciated.

Just fixed the website and already uploaded in server. Thank you!

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