Refund taking too long to be processed

I purchased the HivePress tags extension 16 days ago. But it didn’t meet my requirements and I didn’t use it. So I asked for my money back and you have mentioned that you have processed a full refund of my purchase. Furthermore it is mentioned that I can get my money within 5 business days. Now 16 days have gone. I haven’t received my money yet. Unfortunately you have deactivated my account and I created with new account using the same email.
Please consider this matter and refund my money as soon as possible.

I’m sorry if you had a bad experience.

I checked your order and we approved the refund request the same day (I forwarded the confirmation we got from Paddle to you via email) - this is the only thing we can do as a seller regarding the refund, the rest of the refund process depends on the payment processor (Paddle) and your bank.

If the payment is still not refunded, please contact Paddle again (e.g. reply to the email where they stated the refund would take 5 days), you can also contact your bank providing the transaction ID & details.

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