Region and search with radius

Hello I activated the “region” option to be able to do a search by country, it works well but the problem is that it deleted the search by city according to a radius… before activating the “region” option we could do a search by city and the search results displayed the cities in a given radius, but with “region” activated it no longer works…?

Yes, cities are also considered regions, please consider leaving this as is because there may be cities with non-circle area so the radius-based search would cut out some parts of the city.

no but we may have misunderstood each other, now that I have activated “region”, when we do a search by city, it only displays the city and not the accommodations located nearby (and it limits too much the search) - I would like to leave activated “region” to have the search by country, but that it doesn’t suppress the search by city (as well as the accommodations located near the city)


Sorry, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way because the city is also a region.
Google sends us data on the city’s administrative boundaries via the API, and we search it.

Only search by radius works this way if you indicate a more specific name, such as a street, in the search.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

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