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Hello, I want to change the registration form on my site because the original one is not mandatory (everything is optional). So I created a new form but impossible to integrate it? Is there a solution?
Thank you in advance.

Bonjour, je souhaite changer le formulaire d’inscription sur mon site car celui d’origine n’a rien d’obligatoire (tout est en option). j’ai donc créé un nouveau formulaire mais impossible de l’intégré? Y’a t’il une solution?
Je vous en remercie par avance.

It is possible to customize fields in the registration form, please let me know which fields you would like to customize and I will try to help. Replacing the registration form everywhere would be more complex because there are many places where this form is used.

P.S. If possible post via Google Translate so questions/answers will be useful to others. Thanks!

Hello, thank you for your feedback. I would like to make inquiries mandatory instead of optional as currently! When people come to register, they must complete the information requests, but there it is noted as optional everywhere! How to do? Thank you. cordially

Please let me know which fields you mean, or you mean that any registered user must submit a new Request? It is possible to add new registration fields for vendors (in Vendors/Attributes section), but there is no such option for regular users yet, this would require custom code snippets.

Hello, please find attached the fields I am talking about. All new registrants must complete a short questionnaire: Last name, first name, date of birth, profile information, etc…

If you want to do this for any user (including regular users) there are 2 workarounds:

  1. Add first & last name fields to the registration form Add first and last name fields to the user registration form #hivepress #users · GitHub
  2. Make the first & last name required in the profile settings form Make first and last name fields required for users #hivepress #users · GitHub

The latest one will not allow users to save their profile settings without providing all the details, the first one adds new fields to the registration form.

Hello, thank you for your feedback! That’s exactly what I’m looking for -). However, where can I find the registration form? I searched but couldn’t find? Thank you.

There’s no specific HTML file where the registration form is set, but you can add custom code snippets for customizing the registration form by following these instructions How to add custom code snippets - HivePress Help Center
Hope this helps.

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