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We seem to have a new issue with We have been testing as a new user who registers. After creating username and password then hitting “submit” button, there is no message and the empty form loads again. It looks like nothing has happened. We need a thank you for registering message that tells new users to check their email. OR we need the user to simply be registered without verification, and taken to the listing form page. Any advice? Thanks.

If the form refreshes this may be a caching issue, please try disabling all the third-party plugins in WordPress > Plugins and check if this issue persists. The form should just display the error or success message instead of refreshing.

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Thank you, we are doing this now. And one more question, if I may; after the success message, where is the user directed? (Sorry, I’m not working on the site currently, our coder is, I just need to be able to instruct her)

The user stays on the same page because users often register during intended actions, e.g., sending a message or adding a listing. Users would have to return manually if there’s a redirect to a specific page. For example, users who register during the Add Listing process stay on the same page to continue adding a listing.

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i have same problem, did you solve :D?

Please try following the first suggestion from this topic. If the form just refreshes, it’s most likely a caching issue, or it’s caused by a third-party plugin.

It was a plugin conflict with Wordfence. Deleted plugin and works now.

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