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If you add at least one required vendor attribute in VendorsЮAttributes, there will be an extra Complete Profile step in the listing process, with the profile form and all the necessary fields. This way, users can’t become vendors until they provide all the required details. You can use this code snippet to make the built-in fields like first and last names required.

Hi Yanna,
just to be sure. Will the Fields for the Vendor then be required here :

Hey. Where does the Vendor Details then setup, as above or is it a new Screen?


  1. Yes, if you add a Required attribute in Vendors/Attributes and mark it as Editable, it will be required both during the profile creation and in the profile setting in Account/Settings.

  2. Users can fill in these details while registering as vendors (e.g., when they try to add their first listing), or later in Account/Settings once they become vendors. You can edit these vendor details anytime as a site admin in WordPress/Vendors.

Hi Yanna,
we now put in the attributes. This all looks great. Is there any way to put fields like Salutation above First Name and Surname?

and another thing. We would like to add with a Snippet the following underneath:


Can you say how this works?

If you mean moving a custom attribute field above the default ones it’s possible, but requires a code snippet. Please let me know what you mean about the “*Pflichtfeld”, do you want to add this text somewhere near the fields?

  1. Correct, I would like move the custom attribute field above the First name which is predefined. Can you say how this works?
  2. The *Pflichtfeld means, that I would like to add this text beneath all the custom attributes as a text.

Here is the Screenshot for 1:

  1. Please try this PHP snippet to change the field order. Please just change the description in this code snippet on the attribute slug/field name which you want to move to another position Change the description field order in the listing edit form #hivepress #listings · GitHub

  2. Please try to add Description to each custom attribute in Listings/Attributes to add additional text to custom attributes

Hi Yevhen,
Thanks so much. We are currently trying to change the Order of the Vendor Attributes and not the listing attributes. In Vendor Attributes we are trying to add additional Attributes, but we would like to change the Order and have the Salutation before the First and Second name. Is this possible?

In addition we want to add one Definition name: Pflichtfeld beneath. Can you please provide a different snippet?

Thanks so much.

Dear Yvhen, sorry to chase you, but is there any other Snippet?

  1. Sorry for the delay. Please try this PHP snippet
	function( $form ) {
		$form['fields']['put_your_attribute_name']['_order'] = 5;

		return $form;
  1. If you mean adding some additional helping text to the custom vendor attribute then please try to add Description to this custom attribute in Vendors/Attributes

Thanks, we check first point and get back.
2. When the user puts in all details and submits it, the page is not forwarding him/her to the listing page and does not indicate that the details were saved. What can be wrong?

It’s most likely a caching issue. Please try disabling all third-party plugins and check if the problem persists.

It persists somehow. Any other suggestion?

Please check another possible solution in this topic Change the Order of the Vendor Attributes on Registration Level - #3 by Tillos

If the problem persists, please send temporary WP access via email to with a link to this topic and any extra details that may help detect this issue, and we’ll check it. You can send a temporary admin access link using this plugin Temporary Login Without Password – WordPress plugin |

Hi Yana,
I have sent an Email to support with Access rights and details to the Settings.
Merci for your Feedback.

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