Remove Listing Price for listing page

How can i removed the price section from the create new listing page as i have attributes for hourly rate i dont need the fixed day price


If you are using the Marketplace extension, you can simply disable it. If you don’t use it, you can go to the Listings > Attributes section and delete the price field there.

where do i find that option ?
the only attributes there are the ones i created ?

To disable “Marketplace”, go to the WP Dashboard > Plugins section.
In the attributes section may be the Price field that you previously created or it could be imported before (if you used a demo content).

I had a look but unable to find anything, are you able to login at all and see if you are able to locate and disable ?


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There are two ways to remove a price attribute:

  1. Disable the Marketplace extension in WP Dashboard > Plugins

  2. If it is a custom attribute, remove it in WP Dashboard > Listings > Attributes

​I hope this is helpful to you.

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