Remove order data without notifying users

Hello! We’re trying to set up a staging site that doesn’t have any order or user data, but it’s unavailable when cloning the site.

Is there a way to just delete the data off the staging site without it triggering emails to the users? i.e. if we delete an in-progress order I believe it will send the users an email saying the booking has been cancelled etc.



Please try deleting the order in WooCommerce > Orders, and check, for example, via an SMTP plugin logs, whether notifications are received by email.

Yes it does, that’s the issue. Do you suggest just deactivating SMTP on staging before deleting the orders?


We have double-checked this on our end, if you delete this order in WooCommerce > Orders (click Move to Trash), the notification should not be sent to the user’s email.

Ok awesome thanks for checking! Is it the same for bookings?


Unfortunately, no, if you delete a booking, the customer will receive an email that it has been canceled.

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