Remove slot interval between multiple time slots

I use HivePress for time-based reservation. But I have an issue with the booking window.
If one user wants to make multiple reservation, he has the window appearing. Is it possible to make the booking windows appearing between different bookings ?


If I understood you correctly, and you mean these indents, then this can be done by setting Booking Slot Interval in the listing settings.

If I select the booking slot interval for 0, then all users will have no interval between bookings.
But if the user is selecting a 30mn slot interval, if one user wants to make multiple reservation, he has a 30mn slot interval between each. I’d like that the slot interval be applied for different bookings/different account.

Please send more details about the issue, if you understand correctly you mean removing intervals when multiple time slots are allowed? If so then thanks - we’ll try to improve the UX of the time range selection. Currently even if multiple time slots are selected and there’s an interval, in the booking confirmation users will see the correct continuous start/end times.

I mean if user A wants to make a booking from 2pm to 4pm, he has to select!

  • 2pm to 3pm
  • 3pm to 4pm

If user B is making a booking, he will be able to select :

  • 4pm to 5pm

My question is : is it possible to set a booking window between User A & B. Because at the moment if there is a booking window of 30mn for example, user A will have this selection :

  • 2pm to 3pm
  • 3:30pm to 4:30pm

Thank you :slight_smile:

Currently there’s a single Slot Interval option and if you set it, it will add an interval between every separate slot, unfortunately there’s no easy way to detect subsequently booked slots at the moment and exclude intervals between them, but we’ll try to improve this.

If someone books 2 slots (2-3 and 3-4) they will be merged for a booking and the customer will see the 2-4 booking times. If you set an interval of 30mins, the booking will be from 2 till 4:30, then next possible booking will start at 5.

That would be perfect to detect subsequently booked slots yes, hope you will succeed :slight_smile:

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