Remove tags based on category in listings page


A few issues:

  1. I want to remove a specific tag from the listings page when the user chooses a specific category.
    How could this be done?

  2. How do I turn the category list in the listings page from right to left?
    Seems that even when the direction has changed the radio marker appears at the end of the category instead of the beginning.

Thank you!

  1. Unfortunately, there’s no simple code snippet - this requires advanced customizations. But as a possible workaround, it is possible to try this PHP snippet which will add the Tags field to listing categories that are in this code snippet. Please just change 1,2,3 on categories ids where you want to add the Tags field.
	function( $attributes ) {
		if (isset($attributes['tags'])) {
			$attributes['tags']['categories'] = [1,2,3];

		return $attributes;
  1. Please note that there are no RTL styles within this theme at the moment, so completing the RTL layout styling requires CSS tweaks.
.hp-field input[type=radio] + span::before{
	right: 0;

.hp-field input[type=radio] + span::after{
	right: 4px;
	left: 0;

.hp-field input[type=radio] + span{
	padding-right: 1.65rem;
	padding-left: 0;

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