Remove the search form from the category pages

On this page here there is a serch feature which i dont need. Press Release Writing Archives - HeadlinePlus Press Release Distribution

How do i remove the search feature, and also another quick question, how do i change the background of the menu at the top. at the moment it is white and i am trying to make it blue

Yes, the listing category pages embed the search form by default. It’s possible to hide it and change the menu background but this would require CSS tweaks.

and those tweaks are. i am not being rude here, but did you build this product, or has it come from elsewhere. i am asking because a lot of my questions you are very vague on the answers and information, and also i have spent time going through lots of other people’s questions and they are also very vague.

it could be a good product but there is a lack of information, support.

Sorry, code customizations (by CSS tweaks I meant custom CSS code snippets) are beyond the support scope. The terms are the same with any other theme developers (e.g. on ThemeForest), only hired freelance developers can customize your site beyond the available options.

The support scope includes fixing bugs in the existing options and features, and guidance about the available features, this way we guarantee the advertised functionality. Sometimes we share common snippets though (we even have a collection of 150+ ready-made snippets) and suggest workarounds if available.

We already processed a refund of your payment (you should get an email from Paddle, our payment processor). Please note that the refund also terminates the updates and support for the license key. I sincerely hope that you’ll find a better theme for your site.

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