Remove the turnover made on the site from the dashboard

Good morning everyone, I have already easily installed and configured the whole HivePress system, I just have a few questions on how to make some changes.

The first is to split the logins between the user requesting a service and the expert. I followed the ExpertHive documentation, but it doesn’t work, do you have any solutions for this?

I would also like to remove the turnover made on the site from the dashboard, is that possible? I can’t find the section where to edit

Then I would like the site to offer subscriptions for sellers to be able to respond to requests, instead of just posting ads, is this feasible?

Thank you in advance for your attention and any replies


  1. In our extension, everyone registers through one form. However, users become vendors only when they have at least one published listing (or the direct registration for vendors feature is enabled). Also, please check this doc How to add a vendor registration form - HivePress Help Center

  2. Unfortunately, there’s no such feature, it would require a custom implementation.

  3. For requests, I recommend using the Request extension Requests - Allow users to post requests and receive offers | HivePress Extensions

​I hope this is helpful to you.

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