Rental Listing Images not showing

I purchased the Rental Hive theme and the website was working perfectly. Suddenly, I went onto the listing pages today, and all of the properties pages stopped showing the listing images carousel and I don’t know why.

I need to fix this issue fast because people rent based on the imagery on the website. Can someone help me out? Thanks in advance


I have the same issue today, please fix it asap.

When you open the listing page, images are not showing.

I have the same problem, I also use rental hive, please solve the problem of the photo carousel

Me too

Same here! Using RentalHive and images aren’t showing.

Did it also happen to you out of the blue within the past few days??

Thanks for reporting this and I’m sorry for the inconvenience, we’ll release an update for RentalHive within 24 hours or less. This issue seems to be specific to RentalHive because it’s seems to be ok in the starter theme Stylish remodeled room – ListingHive


@ihor - we have the same issue here! Looking forward to the update! Thank you!

I have the same problem, I am waiting for the update

Thank you for the quick fix. The images appear to be working after the theme update this evening.

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How can I install the new version because I don’t see any pending notification in wordpress for theme update?

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Hello! Did it appear for you to update, did it update automatically or did you do some step-by-step?

Hi, Solano! Did you manage to update?

I haven’t been able to update yet, attached capture

Thanks, I was able to update

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Please, Solano, can you tell me how? I’m not getting. There is no option for me to update.

Verify that you have the rentalhive license configured, after that you go to the updates section and you will see the new version, attached screenshot

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Thank you so much! I was able to update!

My plugin has already updated to the latest version but still the image is not showing up, any ideas? @ihor

Please make sure that the theme version is 1.0.5 in Appearance/Themes. If so, also ensure that the website front-end is not cached, in this case there may be a delay for changes to be reflected on the front-end.