RentalHive and WooCommerce setup

Hello HivePress Team,

Is there anywhere a manual how to integrate WooCommerce with RentalHive properly? I did not find anything coherent.

Thank you.


​Please send more details about this question, and we will do our best to help you.

Thank you Andrii, I will try to figure it out.

Hi Andrii,

do we need to setup anything in WooCommerce email settings or it can be ignored since RentalHive has all the emails necessary?

Thank you.

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You don’t need to change WooCommerce emails by default, but it’s up to you.

Thank you Andrii,

I am a bit confused with all the WooCommerce plugins.
Which one is necessary to be installed for RentalHive to process payments:

  • WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce Payments
  • WooCommerce Shipping & Tax
  • WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway
  • Payment Plugins for Stripe WooCommerce
  • Stripe Payment Plugin for WooCommerce

There is a billion of different WooCommerce payment plugins. Which one is the best to use with RentalHive?

Thank you.

If you just want to accept payments via Stripe, then these plugins should be enough:

  • WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway

Hi Ihor,

Is it possible to use WooCommerce with WooCommerce Payments or WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway is necessary?

I have installed recommended WooCommerce and WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway, but it is a real nightmare. I cannot create Stripe Connect Express account.
Stripe is saying that WooCommerce is suppose to send me a link to create it and WooCommerce support is saying that Stripe should create an express account.
Stripe also said that there are no API keys for express accounts.
So, I am not able to have it up and running.
WooCommerce support suggested to delete Stripe and use WooCommerce Payments instead, so I am wondering if it will work then.


You don’t have to create an express account, please use the standard Stripe account for accepting payments (via the Stripe gateway for WooCommerce) and Stripe Connect account for payouts (this API key should be set in HivePress/Settings/Integrations, not WooCommerce settings). This way all the payments will top up your Stripe Standard account balance and will appear on the Stripe Connect balance (since both are registered for the same email).

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Thanks Ihor!

Hi Ihor,

Sorry to bother again, but I got an email from WooCommerce today saying:

“Before you can start selling, you just need to add some more information to your account.
It takes just a few minutes to complete your information and begin taking payments with WooCommerce Payments.
In your WP Admin dashboard, please look for “Payments” in the sidebar and click on that. You should be able to complete the setup process from there.”

So, do I have to install WooCommerce Payments as well? Because without having it installed there is no “Payments” in my WP dashboard to complete the setup they want me to do.

Won’t there be a problem to have both WooCommerce Stripe Gateway and WooCommerce Payments installed?

Thanks for clarifying!

Sorry for the confusion, you don’t have to use WooCommerce Payments and I assume that it’s not possible to run a marketplace this way because WooCommerce Payments is implemented as a marketplace itself (e.g. they use Stripe Connect and treat your website as you would treat vendors on your site, so these are like 2 levels of vendors). Please try using the WooCommerce Stripe gateway instead, then you can use Stripe Standard and WooCommerce will not have to verify your account and register you on their platform (you can simply use WooCommerce as a self-hosted software this way). Then you can accept payments via Stripe Standard and these payments will top up your Stripe Connect account used for vendor payouts.

Thank you Ihor,

That’s what I did. I installed recommended plugins:

  • WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway

And use stripe for accepting payments

I am in testing mode and it seems to be working.

I was just confused why WC suddenly start bugging about additional setups.
I will just ignore it them.

Thank you!

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