RentalHive, Closed System using points

Hi, i’m researching wordpress plugins for a way to create a rental listings system for people within the same domain (e-mail address) that can post listings to rentout in a closed system. You only see listings when logged in. Furthermore participants don’t pay with actual money but with points. So on their accountpage their should be a total points section. And when a person rents a listing the amount of points will be substracted automatically. If that person rent out their own home for a specific period, the points must be added automatically. Can this be created with RentalHive?

Yes, you can try using RentalHive as a booking marketplace framework for a website like this, but specific features like restricting emails to the same domain and a custom points balance would require customizations - there are no such features at the moment. Restricting user emails to the same domain may be possible with a third-party WordPress plugin since RentalHive uses the core WordPress user login/registration functions.

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