isn't uploading as a Plugin

When trying to upload the downloaded file to the Plugin section, it doesn’t recognise the file and won’t upload.

Steps to reproduce

I’ve tried re-downloading from the original purchase confirmation email but still doesn’t work, yet the other zip files upload perfectly.

Actual result

The file doesn’t upload as a Plugin and Wordpress states it’s not the right format, yet the other zip files worked perfectly fine.

Expected result

It should upload the theme.

Extra details

Please try uploading it in Appearance/Themes, if you have a clean WordPress installation you can follow this screencast step by step to install RentalHive along with its pre-packaged extensions Create a Multi-vendor Booking Platform like Airbnb with WordPress [Airbnb Clone WordPress Theme] - YouTube

Hi Ihor, thank you for the help! How do I get the Map to work for the theme? Everytime I search it states this (please see screenshot attached)

If you use Google Maps as a map provider please check these tutorials

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