Replace message button by Whatsapp default number

I need to insert a button with a fixed company whatsapp number, I have deactivated the messages plugin and would like to insert it in the same place, how do I do it?



Please refer to this doc How to add a WhatsApp button - HivePress Help Center.

Hi Andril,

I think I wasn’t clear, I need to insert the button with our company’s fixed number and not an editable field for advertisers to be able to modify.


If it’s the same button with the same phone number for all listings, there are 3 ways to do this:

  1. Add a custom widget to the Listing sidebar in Appearance/Widgets.

  2. Insert a custom block via the code customizations for the listing_view_page template.

  3. Re-build the listing template completely to insert custom content in HivePress/Templates.

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Thanks ihor!

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