Reported listings should be unpublished

I think it is great that listings can be reported. But I would very much appreciate if the reported listing was unpublished and put in status “Waiting for approval”. When our users report a listing it is almost always a listing that should be removed for not abiding the rules. So it would help a lot if it didn’t have to wait on admin to remove it manually.
At least you should have an option for reported listings to be unpublished automatically.

Thanks, we’ll consider adding this as an option for the reporting feature, but currently reports are just emails sent to the site admin so rejecting a report wouldn’t publish a listing back automatically. It may be also possible with a simple code snippet, let me know if this works for you.

Well I think a simple code snippet would do fine in my case. I would just like to hide the ads until I have had time to review the ad. In 90% of the cases I will remove the ad after reviewing it.

We have researched it once again on our side, sorry, there’s no simple code snippet for this.
We’ll consider adding this as an option for the reporting feature.