Request categories instead of listing categories on frontpage

I have created different categories for the requests and want to show them on the Home page instead of the listing categories. When clicking on one of the request categories I want to open the request page predefined with the chosen category attribute. Is this possible?

Or is it possible to created custom request pages for each category without too much hazzle?

And also, can requests created an be sent without creating a user?

It’s possible to create request categories & category-specific attributes, but the Request Categories block (the same as for listings) is not available yet. Please try using some third-party widget or plugin that supports showing custom taxonomies (the request category is a “hp_request_category” taxonomy) until this feature is implemented.
Each request category has its own page by default, please check these pages by clicking View on categories in the Requests/Categories section.
There’s no way to add a request without an account yet, but you can simplify this process, e.g. using the Social Login extension.
Hope this helps.

Thank you for the answer, I will try this :slight_smile:

Another question regarding requests, is it possible to show attributes based on another attribute?
for example, one attribute is person or company. If company is chosen, how can I add new a attribute for the user to fill in based on the selection of the first attribute?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to make attributes dependent on other attributes in the current version, please try using categories for the main distinct types (so it’s possible to make other attributes dependant on the selected category), and using multi-level options for other selectable attributes.

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