Request for List of All Available Tokens

Hi Team,

May I ask for the list of all available tokens in Hivepress? (e.g., %email_verify_url%, %user_name%) If this is already available from the admin, can you provide the steps on how to access the list?

We intend to use these tokens to personalize the system-generated transactional email notifications to our users. Thanks as usual for your support!

If you add a new email in HivePress>Emails, please select an Event and then save changes - the tokens available for this email will be listed under the email content editor.

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Hi @yana when a new user/vendor creates an account or a listing, does the admin receive an email as well? What is the advantage to integrate with mail chimp?

Yes, there’s an email notification sent to admin for every new user and listing by default.

Mailchimp is a third-party service for managing newsletters, if you add the Mailchimp checkbox (“Subscribe me to…”) to the HivePress registration form then you’ll collect a mailing list for marketing purposes, e.g. to notify all the users from the mailing list about new offers or changes on your website.

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