Request form not available

I just purchased the request plugin and installed it. Now there is the “Post a request” button besides the post a listing button. However, if I click on “Post a request” it says page not found?! Shouldn´t there be a standard form just like the “post a listing button”?!
Same thing happens when i click on a request in my request page (A request that i made in the WP backend)

Maybe I made a stupid mistake but something with the plugin seems wrong to me?!

Btw. also tried to implement the search alert and when a user clicks on searches in his profile there is also the “page not found” alert.


I wanted to delete the topic but then I thought it might help someone to not make the same stupid mistake I did… So bascially what happend was that I had an wp forms plugin acitviated which I don´t even use and this plugin caused the error! Deleted the plugin and now everything works as it should.

Sorry guys, if someone already looked into my request!

No worries, thanks for posting the solution!

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