Request quotation per category

We are trying to edit a website with the theme we bought and we are having some challenges. Please help us with documentation/links/guide for the following:

  1. login with social media

  2. Form Editing for listing posting or account creation

  3. request quotation per category

  4. notifications editing options (email, sms)

  5. ability to change names such as (post request turn to - request quotation); change register as customer and register as supplier);

  6. Only members/paid membership/suppliers should be able to see request a quotation


  1. Login via social networks is possible if you have this extension installed Social Login - Allow users to sign in via third-party platforms | HivePress Extensions Social Login - HivePress Help Center

  2. You can edit the Add Details form by adding attributes. Please check this doc How to add listing attributes - HivePress Help Center. Also, you can edit or add some fields using PHP and CSS snippets. You can check out our collection of code snippets at this link Search · user:hivepress · GitHub

Unfortunately, in order to edit the registration or login form will require a custom implementation.

  1. Unfortunately, there’s no such feature, it would require a custom implementation.

  2. SMS notifications are not available in this version of the theme. There is only the ability to send messages using the Messages extension.

If you need to change the email event, please check this doc How to customize emails - HivePress Help Center

To disable the email event, you must overwrite it with a blank description in HivePress > Emails.

Also, if you need to change the title of these emails, please check this doc How to translate an extension - HivePress Help Center

  1. Please try to use the Loco Translate plugin, How to translate an extension - HivePress Help Center (e.g., you can find Post a Request string in Loco Translate > Plugins > HiverPress Requests).

  2. To set up membership restrictions, please check this doc How to set membership restrictions - HivePress Help Center

​I hope this is helpful to you.

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