Request Submit button does not change the word

I used Loco translate and changed the request submit button in Japanese. After changing the word, I could not modify the word and it remains the same word as I modified it the first time. It would be great if you tell me how I can translate it or modify it again.

Thank you for your message.
Is it possible for you to tell me how is the process in more detail?

Sorry for the confusion. Please try to refreshing the cache or please try to click the Sync button to re-scan the strings where you make changes/translation in Loco Translate

Thank you very much but it does not change. Is there any other ways to change it?

Please send temporary WP access via email to with a link to this topic and any extra details that may help detect this issue, and we’ll check it. You can send a temporary admin access link using this plugin Temporary Login Without Password – WordPress plugin |

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