Requesting to book a property redirects the user to the woocommerce store


When requesting to book a property on my site it redirects the user to the woo commerce store where products are listed.
I want it to take the user to the cart so they can book the property.
(In the video tutorials it just takes the user straight to the checkout)

Also, after installing woo commerce it has changed my store front page from the rental hive theme to woo commerce products store.

I have emailed support a temporary login without password.

If you could have a look and maybe fix the error that would be appreciated.

I have tried to the best of my abilties.

Also, if possible, i can’t seem to find the code to hide the “list a property” , as i don’t want anyone listing properties .


Please check your site again; everything seems to be working correctly.

Also, we have hidden the List a Property button by disabling the Allow submitting new listings feature in HivePress > Settings > Listings.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

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