Reservation confirm by the user

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When a user makes a reservation, show this option for the vendor to confirm the reservation:

Would have the possibility of have the same option in this page?

By the way, if exist the possibility would have the option of sent an e-mail to admin to inform that the user clicked on the button?


These are actually different functionalities, I guess the orders were translated via Loco Translate? The first one shows completing the order (it’s often used in Marketplace without Bookings, to require users to mark the order as Completed - in Bookings this happens automatically when the booking end date is reached).
In Bookings, it’s possible vice versa - if you enable booking requests for a listing, then the host (not the user) has to accept or decline the booking. In Bookings orders are basically just payment receipts linked to bookings.

Please let me know which button you mean, the Accept/Decline actions already send an email notification but adding this to another button may require code changes.

Yes, the button it’s “Deliver”.

This work when the vendor deliver an order, right? And yes, come an e-mail for admin and the vendor. This part work very well.

What I’d like know is if would have an option on field “Booking” on the user account, for the user, that bought a reservation confirm that the reservation was used, and submit an e-mail for the admin, to him know if the booking was a success, do you understood?

If you need something information or a step-by-step, you can talk to me.


Unfortunately there’s no option to move this button to the booking page, but if you use both Bookings and Marketplace I’d recommend disabling the manual delivery because the “delivery” in case of bookings occurs when the booking ends and it wasn’t canceled. For example if there’s a booking from 1th to 5th of October and it wasn’t canceled, the linked booking order will be marked as Completed automatically on 6th of October - this will also add the order amount (minus the commission fee) to the host’s balance.

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