Reservations for several fixed days

I am trying to set up hivepress and booking to offer 2 different options to my customers.

A- book the hotel days. The customer chooses the desired number of days and gives him a reservation. This works well.

B- offer an event in which the duration is, for example, 5 days. If the customer wants to book, the customer should be able to select the dates but should not be able to choose fewer days or more days, that is, he should be obliged to choose 5 days. For this I get 2 options in sellers or ads when setting it up that I have to fill in the minimum number of days and maximum number of days but it doesn’t work. I don’t know if it’s because of the update or if I do something wrong because it lets the customer select the number of days they want and it doesn’t force them to the number of days I have marked previously.

Unfortunately it’s not possible to set these 2 booking modes for the same listing, but if you create a separate listing and set the minimum booking duration it should work without any issues, e.g. if you set it to 5 then bookings shorter than 5 days shouldn’t be allowed. If this issue persists please send the steps for reproducing it, if there’s a bug we’ll fix it.

thanks ihor but that setting to put minimum days to book in 5 and maximum days to book in 7 days for example can only be put in the seller’s profile and can not be put in the ad, so if a seller wants to put 2 different ads because one of them wants to set it as days to book a minimum of 3 days and the other ad wants to put it as minimum days bookable in 5 days can not. Because that is specified in the profile of the seller that affects all ads.

Please try to disable the Manage availability per vendor setting in HivePress/Settings/Bookings then all booking-specific functionality will be managed per listing

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