Reservations Open/Close Dates

Hi, I found a sort of double bug as I noticed a user was able to:

  1. set the “Reservation Open” date in a past date than today’s date (so in theory a user could be able to book a date in the past).

Fix: it could be nice I think to set an option that prevent users to set a minimum reservation date in a past date than today’s date

(BIGGEST ONE) 2. “Reservation Close” date was set even before the reservation open date. So basically if the “Reservation Open” was set on April 2023, the user was able to set “Reservation close” on January 2023! This basically makes the listing not bookable at all.

Fix: create an option that prevent users to set a closing date previous to the open date.

I know that in the Attributes there’s also the possibility of choosing a “minimum date” but this doesn’t solve the issue cause I should change that setting every day (as tomorrow the same date as today will be bookable even if it’s in the past if I don’t change it again and again).

Thank you!

Thank you for waiting. We can not reproduce this issue. Please send more details that may help to detect or reproduce this issue (e.g., screenshots or steps to reproduce this issue).

Hi, I managed to solve the issue by using the “Date offset” in the attributes options. Since this is a date, using the date offset to set the minimum check in date starting from 1-day after today and the minimum checkout date starting from 2-days from today worked. So now no one can set a check in date / check out date in the past or previous to the check in date, as every date before today (and including today) is locked.


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