"Reserved" status only after payment confirmation

I currently have integration with Stripe on my website. When the visitor clicks on “proceed to payment” and does not complete the checkout process, this creates a problem, as the status remains as “reserved” and the payment is not completed. Is there any way to only remain as “reserved” after payment?


Please note that if the booking is not paid, it will be in the Unpaid status (processing status only if 100% payment has been made), the dates are blocked, but the Unpaid status is deleted after 2 days (you can additionally change this in the settings). You can also remove Unpaid from Blocking Statuses so that it does not block dates.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

If I remove the blocking of the calendar due to the “unpaid” status from the configuration and two clients schedule appointments in the same place and at the same time. Will the second customer who pays be denied?


I see. Thank you for your feedback; we have tested this in more detail and found a bug; we will fix it in future updates. In this version, as a temporary solution, please set the Expiration Period to 1 day for Unpaid bookings; then, unpaid bookings will be blocked for a maximum of one day of the date.