Reset connected Stripe account for vendor

How do I update the stripe account number for a “vendor”?
I rejected an account because of error messages. Stripe says I cannot reactivate it and will need to make a new account.

When I click where the stipe account id is located on the vendor on the backend, it does not seem editable.
When from vendor’s dashboard clicks the manage my stripe account on frontend just says account is rejected. And not sure how to set up a new stripe connect account for the vendor.
I don’t want to delete the vendor account on my end as it is associated with my wordpress account on my site where I’ve been adding listings.

Unfortunately there’s no way to do this manually in WordPress dashboard yet, but if you have access to the database (usually hosting providers offer PHPAdmin tool) you can delete the “hp_stripe_id” and “hp_stripe_setup” meta fields for this vendor in wp_postmeta table, this will reset the Stripe setup.

Am I deleting the stripe_id of my whole site or just this “vendor” when I do this? is it just updating the value with an updated Stripe_id?

I see the account with stripe ID for the one that I want to update, delete or edit ( meta_id 8958), but I do not see a hp_stripe_setup with same meta_id.
Is this because of my mess up, or is there still a hp_stripe_setup that I need to delete/edit/update? and figure out that is connected to that account?

Please edit this vendor in WordPress/Vendors and check the vendor ID in the browser address tab (something like ?post=123). Then you can delete meta fields (stripe_id and stripe_setup) for this post ID only. Then the next time this vendor tries to add a new listing or clicks Manage Payouts via Stripe link in account there will be a redirect to creating a new account, since the data that associates this vendor with an existing Stripe account will be erased.

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