Restric Social Links/no custom attribute for Non-Members

How to restric social links for those who don’t have a membership? Or other attribute that are not custom made?


Please provide more details, what do you mean by “member”? Maybe you are using Memberships or Paid Listings?

Yes, Memberships with paid plan.

Basically only if you have a paid mermbership plan you can see the links in the social links.


I see. Unfortunately, there is no such built-in feature, as Memberships is designed for regular users. Therefore, you will need a custom implementation for this. If you are familiar with coding or have a developer, we can provide general guidance.

Could you please provide a guidance?

If you’re familiar with coding or have a developer, the general aproach is to check the hivepress()->request->get_context('membership') value for a user, it stores the current membership plan along with restrictions. Then you can filter the listing form via the hivepress/v1/forms/listing_update hook and hide specific fields depending on the current plan name or other parameters.

Hope this helps.